Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for stopping by True Bass! If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities we are excited to have you apply!

We have five programs:

  1. Pro-Staff - Fishing regional tournaments to move up, BASS Elite, FLW Tour, BFL, Alabama Bass Trail, ABA Series, Ram Series, TBF, etc..
  2. Guide-Staff - Calling all guides who LOVE to throw swimbaits. Founded by a guide, and we know what its like to run through tons of swimbaits. Not any longer! Catch 20+ fish with our True Lock Heads.
  3. Local Hammer! - Supporting local tournament anglers, win lose or draw, you fish because you love it. If you fish swimbaits these will help you put more fish in the livewell!
  4. College Fishing - Supporting all College Teams interested in sponsoring their teams!
  5. High School Fishing - Supporting all up and coming anglers who are future pros!

Please include the following when you fill out your information:

  1. Tell us about yourself

  2. Which program do you want to apply for?

  3. What tournaments you are fishing?

  4. What social media channels do you have? 

  5. Tell us what your goals are!

True Bass Fishing Sponsorship Opporutnities