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Our Mission is to give anglers a one of kind swimbait that gives them a competitive advantage over their competitors. To promote the sport of bass fishing through big headed swimbaits...

NEW! Pre-Order is available for the "Perfect Head 5.5"

Go ahead and reserve your own Perfect Head. Place an order only for the 5.5 Perfect Head and we will ship it out as soon as it arrives! Best tournament swimbait on the market. Professional anglers have been testing prototypes of this bait for a year and a half. Let me tell you it flat out catches fish. Same unique action of the famous Little Head 4.5. Symmetricly bigger to 5.5 inches. Its action is  unparalleled by other swimbaits on the market. This will be your new go to swimbait.

How to Rig a True Lock Swimbait Head

How to rig a swimbait - True Lock Swimbait Head

No more need for super glue with our swimbaits. True lock head will save you time and money on the water! If you catch 20 fish and need another bait you just screw another one on your jig head, and you are ready to start catching!

Jacob Smith with new "Perfect Head" Swimbait...

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