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Our Mission is to give anglers a one of kind swimbait that gives them a competitive advantage over their competitors. To promote the sport of bass fishing through big headed swimbaits...

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What are people saying about True Bass?

"Exceptional swimbaits that just simply catch fish! And extremely durable when paired with the true lock head!" - Mason K. Smith.

Great swimbaits, action is perfect, especially paired with their screwlock head! - Jason Bostic

These are killer swimbaits. I have caught dozens of fish on em without it getting tore up. If you're not using them you're missing out!!!

- Jeff Gray

Perfect blend of soft swim bait and durability I have caught countless bass on these on my Alabama rigs. - John Davenport

Most durable swimbait on the market and has an action that's different than any other hollow body bait. - Phillip Hand

Some of the best Swim Baits I have ever used. They are very durable and stay on the hook great. The smallmouth love them on pickwick.

- Shane Mansell

The best Swim Bait on the market in my opinion. Very durable the action is awesome, love all the colors but my favorite right now is the hot sauce. Thanks True Bass Swimbaits for a great product! - Marty Barnes

Tougher body than most hollow body swimbaits and they last longer also. Action is great. Favorite color is hot sauce in the 4.5 and 7.5 so if you havent tried them need to get you some of them. - Justin Horn

These baits catch big fish!!! As an added bonus they are almost indestructible! - Jeston Anderson

Best soft swimbait on the market bar none. I've caught fish on them everywhere on the Tennessee River chain as well as lakes all over the south. - Trey Reiser

Underwater Footage - Little Head 4.5

Rigging - Jig Head and Belly Weight

Just wanted everyone to see the action of these swimbaits! An underwater video of the True Bass Little Head 4.5 on a jig head (color - 99 Problems), and on a belly weighted hook ( color - hot sauce). These are two very popular colors! If you like swimbait fishing then you NEED to try these. Super durable baits when paired on a True Lock Head or super glued... Catch 20-30 fish per bait.

How to Rig a True Lock Swimbait Head

How to rig a swimbait - True Lock Swimbait Head

No more need for super glue with our swimbaits. True lock head will save you time and money on the water! If you catch 20 fish and need another bait you just screw another one on your jig head, and you are ready to start catching!

Jacob Smith with new "Perfect Head" Swimbait...

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